Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited

Pranda Public Company Ltd. established nearly 35 years ago, is internationally recognised as a leading manufacturer of medium to high end quality jewelry.

Having worked with many Global Brands for a number of years, we have an established, and unrivaled reputation for integrity and confidentiality with particular regard to the Marketing and Design concepts of our clients.

Our total commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) shows that not only do we care deeply about the well being of our employees, but also the community living near to our factories, the environment, our customers, suppliers and our shareholders, all of these we consider as stakeholders in our business.

We fully recognise the time and commitment that our customers have invested in their brands, and are equally committed to ensure that our employment procedures and environmental care will not be the cause of any bad publicity, or concern to our customers or their Brands.

We are a global company, with a manufacturing capacity in excess of 8,000,000 items per year, and even with nearly 5,000 highly skilled workers in 7 factories located throughout S.E.Asia ( Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & China ) our employee turnover is less than 2%. which ensures a high level of continuity of production.

The Pranda Group Design and Product Development Center, with over 200 highly qualified design, model and mold makers, provides the opportunity for our customers and ourselves , to explore design concepts and then rapidly bring these new and exciting products to markets around the world.

This high security facility protects the confidentiality of new projects while assuring that products under development will meet the exacting and varied requirements of today's markets.

Our Product Development Managers and designers travel the world to most International Jewelry and accessory exhibitions to ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends in fashion and design.

Further customer support is provided by our own International Distribution Centres in the USA, UK & Germany plus exclusive representation in every major market world-wide.

We also have far reaching retail operations spanning the Middle East, Asia to the countries of the Pacific Rim primarily selling our 24 ct. (23.999 !) Prima Gold Collection, which gives us first hand experience and understanding of the retail market.

Our Costume Jewelry Division, Crystaline Co Ltd. manufacturing high quality jewelry for many International Brands has now opened a second factory in Korat Thailand, using lead free alloys and plating to the European Nickel safe standards in order to meet the consumer safety requirements of our customers.

The Pranda Group, located in the heart of the world’s gemstone and cutting centers, maintains significant competitive advantages.

With our World Headquarters in Thailand, we enjoy strong Government support along with a secure and superior business infrastructure. We have sound financial management, tremendous production capacity, superior employee teams, operational economies of scale, multi-national production facilities, and global distribution.

The Pranda Group brings these essential elements together to form the foundation of our Company and ensure future success for ourselves and for our customers.

Our commitment to all customers  "Our prices will be competitive, our quality exceptional, and the services that we extend to facilitate your business transactions with the Pranda Group will be unsurpassed ."

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